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 Thermal Waters

Our most precious treasure that cannot be found in any other health resort is our unique mineral waters. Owing to their excellent properties, even a few-day use of the springs will improve your health and well-being for a long time.

There are 7 springs of therapeutic water spurting in Ladek-Zdroj. They are thermal radon waters containing sulphur, hydrogen sulphide and fluoride.

Jerzy spring 28,3°C 2,0 mg/dm3 1088 Bq/dm3
Wojciech spring 28,6°C 2,4 mg/dm3 220 Bq/dm3
Zdzislaw spring 45,0°C 3,1 mg/dm3 169 Bq/dm3
Sklodowska spring 25,2°C 1,4 mg/dm3 228 Bq/dm3
Dabrowka spring 19,7°C 2,4 mg/dm3 152 Bq/dm3
Chrobry spring 26,9°C 1,7 mg/dm3 146 Bq/dm3
Stare spring 17,7°C - -


The waters used in Dlugopole-Zdroj are alkalic mineral waters containing bicarbonates, calcium, sodium and magnesium, with plenty of natural gas (CO2). They have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, metabolism and blood pressure. They also have regenerating and relaxing properties. There are three springs of mineral water (Renata, Emilia and Kazimierz) that are used in Długopole Zdrój for mineral water drinking treatment and water treatments.

  • Emilia spring – moderately mineralised alkalic mineral water 0.08%;
  • Kazimierz spring – moderately mineralised alkalic mineral water 0.09%;
  • Renata spring – alkalic mineral water 0.012%, ferrous, containing bicarbonates, calcium and magnesium.

Architectonic detail of Natural Therapy Institute Jerzy

Architectonic detail of Natural Therapy Institute "Jerzy"

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