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 Location and climate


Dlugopole is a precious pearl of the Southern part of the Klodzka Land. Due to its many wonders of nature, some call it the jewel box full of valuables, others say that it is the idyll amid Silesia’s health resorts with dominating peacefulness, calmness and undisturbed harmony.

from a 1883 guide by Julius Peter



An integral part of the company Uzdrowisko Ladek-Dlugopole is the Dlugopole Zdroj spa situated in the Bystrzyckie Mountains. The spa’s location in a picturesque and sunny valley amid forested hillsides contributes to a mild and low-stimulus climate, while changing oxygen partial pressure and many sunny days have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. Clean mountain air and a decreased amount of allergens are good for patients with respiratory diseases.

Park in Dlugopoleu Zdroj


Climatic conditions

Dlugopole is characterised by a mountain, moderate-stimuli climate, typical of the mountain valleys of the Sudety Mountains. Large daily contrasts between monthly temperatures, annual temperatures and air relative humidity occur in the spa.

Park in Dlugopoleu Zdroj Park in Dlugopoleu Zdroj

Relatively good aeration conditions; little fogs; cool air may sometimes lie at the bottom of the valley and thermal inversion may occur.

  • Annual average air temperature: 6.8˚C
  • Top and bottom temperature range: 59.2˚C
  • Annual number of comfortable days: 40-50%
  • Annual number of hot days: 22
  • Annual number of very frosty days: 23
  • Annual number of rainy days: 186
  • Mean wind speed: 2.3 m/s

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