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Mieszko - a facility erected in 1900 and renovated in 1979. It offers 79 beds in single, twin and 3-bed rooms. The rooms are equipped with radios and electric kettles. There are 18 rooms with private baths. On each floor there is a TV room. The sanatorium has a canteen, a lift and a paid, unmonitored parking lot. Guests may take some of the treatments on offer (gym, massage therapy, thermotherapy).

Mieszko Hospital

Address: 57-520 Dlugopole Zdroj, ul. Zdrojowa 8, tel. +48 74 81 39 066; +48 74 81 39 032


Available on the spot:

  • Medical and nursing care
  • Diet advising
  • A canteen
  • A lift
  • Rehabilitation procedures (whirlpool half-bath, pearl bath, underwater massage, peat baths, pearl bath with hydro massage, hydro massage with colour therapy, pressure massage BOA, whirl massage of upper extremities, classical massage, DEEP OSCILLATION lymphatic drain, peat compresses, iontophoresis, peat iontophoresis, galvanisation, interference currents, laser, phonophoresis, peat phonophoresis, sollux, individual gymnastics)
  • Relaxation treatment procedures (whirlpool half-bath with horse-chestnut extract, relaxation dry massage, DEEP OSCILLATION anti-cellulite lymphatic drain, Chinese cupping anti-cellulite massage, purifying honey massage, rejuvenating chocolate massage, anti-cellulite ice massage)
  • Wi-Fi
  • An unguarded paid car park
  • A storage room for bikes and skis
  • Diet advising
  • A spa chapel (in the left wing of the facility – a separate entrance door)

Available nearby:

  • The Spa Pump-Room, The Patients Service Centre - 200m
  • The Spa Park - 200m
  • "Karol" Natural Therapy Institute (hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, physicotherapy, kinesytherapy, massage, relaxation treatment procedures – nearly 40 types) - 200m
  • "Ondraszek" Sanatorium (individual gymnastics, local cryotherapy, massage chair) - 50m
  • "Fortuna" Sanatorium (CO2 dry bath) - 200m
  • "Dabrowka" Sanatorium (DEEP OSCILLATION, BODYFLOW electrostimulation, MAGCELL magnetic field, massage chair, private parlour of classic massage, manual therapy and kinesiotaping) - 200m
  • Gymnastics on the swimming pool ("Dwor Elizy" Medical SPA) - 380m
  • "Uzdrowiskowa" Café ("Dabrowka" Sanatorium) - 200m
  • A pharmacy - 100m
  • A post office - 100m
  • A library - 250m
  • A bike rental – phone orders
  • Grocery stores and general stores - 100m
  • Restaurants and cafés - 200m to 400m
  • A cash machine ("Ondraszek" Sanatorium) - 50m
  • A bus stop - 200m

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