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Stanislaw – a sanatorium in which early post-hospital rehabilitation is conducted. The building offers 64 beds in single, twin and 3-bed rooms, part of which is equipped with orthopaedic beds. All rooms have baths and radios. The building also includes a lift and treatment facilities. Canteen is located in the building Adam which is connected with the sanatorium by a corridor added on to it. Next to the building there are designated parking spaces for disabled people.

Stanislaw Hospital

Address: 57-540 Ladek Zdroj, ul. Wolnosci 2a, tel. +48 74 81 15 484


Available on the spot:

  • Medical and nursing care
  • A lift
  • A room for occupational therapy
  • Wi-Fi
  • A shop with basic household goods and food
  • An unguarded paid car park (the car park is free for persons having relevant powers)
  • A recreation and rest area
  • The spa park next to the building
  • Natural Therapy Institute

Available nearby:

  • Natural Therapy Institute, Mineral Water Pump-Room, Point of Sales in "Zdroj Wojciech" (sales of treatment procedures, souvenirs and spa cosmetics) - 40m
  • A spa library - 20m
  • JUBILAT café - 110m
  • A gym with fitness room in JUBILAT Sanatorium - 110m
  • Individual inhalations in JUBILAT Sanatorium - 110m
  • "Golden Cup Café in Zdroj Wojciech" with a terrace - 40m
  • "Natura Beauty Parlour in Zdroj Wojciech" - 40m
  • Chapel for Healing of the Sick - 260m
  • Spa restaurants and cafés - 60m to 1000m
  • Spa pharmacies - 100m to 450m
  • A bus stop - 1150m

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