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Urszula – the main advantage of this place is its cosy location in the immediate proximity of the spa park, above the Adam facility. The building has 53 beds in single, twin and 3-bed rooms with baths. The building includes TV room and each room has a radio. The canteen is located in the Adam facility, which is only several dozens of metres from the Urszula facility.

Next to the building there is a recreational area with a place designed for rest and a sectioned off parking lot.

Urszula Sanatorium

Address: 57-540 Ladek Zdroj, ul. Wolnosci 2b, tel. +48 74 81 15 482


Available on the spot:

  • Medical and nursing care
  • An unguarded paid car park
  • A recreation and rest area
  • The spa park

Available nearby:

  • A shop with basic household goods and food in a neighbouring building STANISLAW - 40m
  • Natural Therapy Institute, Mineral Water Pump-Room, Point of Sales in "Zdroj Wojciech" (sales of treatment procedures, souvenirs and spa cosmetics) - 100m
  • JUBILAT café - 80m
  • A gym with fitness room in JUBILAT Sanatorium - 80m
  • Individual inhalations in JUBILAT Sanatorium - 80m
  • "Golden Cup Café in Zdroj Wojciech" with a terrace - 100m
  • "Natura Beauty Parlour in Zdroj Wojciech" - 100m
  • A spa Library - 60m
  • Millennium Park and John Paul II Park - 10m
  • KChapel for Healing of the Sick - 300m
  • Spa restaurants and cafés - 100m to 1000m
  • Spa pharmacies - 130m to 500m
  • A bus stop - 1200m

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