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Jan erected in 1880 near the Biala Ladecka river, was formerly an imperial inn. The facility offers an enclosed, private area with recreational grounds and a parking lot. After undergoing a thorough modernisation the building includes 62 beds in single, twin and 3-bed rooms, each equipped with satellite TV, phone and electric kettle. The facility has been adjusted to meet the needs of disabled people. The dining facility, located on the glassed-in ground floor, is filled with a variety of potted plants creating the atmosphere of a palm house.

Jan is located in close proximity to the "Jerzy" Natural Therapy Institute, where radon and sulphur water treatments are performed. Massages are available in the same building.

Jan Sanatorium

Address: 57-540 Ladek Zdroj, ul. Paderewskiego 7, tel. +48 74 81 46 385

Jan Sanatorium Jan Sanatorium Jan Sanatorium Jan Sanatorium

Available on the spot:

  • Medical and nursing care
  • A lift
  • A canteen
  • Classical massage room
  • An unguarded paid car park
  • A storage room for bikes and skis

Available nearby:

  • "Jerzy" Natural Therapy Institute (treatment procedures with radon-sulphide water: underwater massage, whirlpool massage, emanatorium, gymnastics in a swimming pool, mineral bath and generally-available drinking treatment) - 90m
  • Natural Therapy Institute, Mineral Water Pump-Room, Point of Sales in "Zdroj Wojciech" (sales of treatment procedures, souvenirs and spa cosmetics) - 600m
  • An unguarded paid car park - 500m
  • PKO SA Bank cash machine - 50m
  • SGB Bank cash machine - 40m
  • Photocopy service point ("Dary Natury" shop) - 150m
  • Travel and Tourist Service Agency - tel: 795 551 210 (organisation of trips, transport and PKS bus information)
  • Grocery stores - 50m to 200m
  • Chapel for Healing of the Sick - 400m
  • Spa restaurants and cafés - 100m to 400m
  • Spa pharmacies - 150m to 600m
  • A bus stop - 500m

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