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 Wojciech Spring

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Zdroj Wojciech is a facility built in 1680 in the immediate proximity of a hot spring of mineral water still active today. The sanatorium boasts a combination of original architecture, tasteful style and elegant interior design. The beautiful, original body of the building, modelled after Turkish baths, is a source of unforgettable aesthetic impressions and the dome overlooking the facility invites the guests for a visit.

Zdroj Wojciech Sanatorium

"Zdroj Wojciech"

Mineral Water Pump Room
The Mineral Water Pump Room is located on the first floor of the building. While enjoying the relaxing atmosphere, guests can relish the taste of mineral waters from Ladek, which are usually consumed during leisurely walks. Zdroj Wojciech is built on a circular plan which naturally encourages the guests to take long strolls. Mineral waters rich in sulphur and fluorine, "Zdzislaw" and "Maria Sklodowska Curie", both available in the pump room, help to preserve youth, improve skin appearance, reduce cholesterol levels, leach heavy metals out of the body and facilitate bone healing.

A charming café adds to the elegance and functionality of the entire health resort. The scent of freshly brewed coffee and delicious Vienna-style baked goods invite guests to drop in and relish numerous delights which the café has on offer. On the terrace guests can also breathe the resort’s fresh air, soak up the sun and discretely observe patients out for a stroll.

Natural Therapy Institute
Zdroj Wojciech is primarily a natural therapy institute. On the ground floor, patients can participate in mineral water treatment sessions which include baths, showers, whirlpool baths, as well as relaxing massages and masks which enhance the effect of water treatment.
A wide range of balneological treatments (including the use of therapeutic mud), physiotherapeutic treatments supported by a wide range of massages, and professional, well-trained medical personnel will facilitate fast recovery and help our guests to relax, calm down and soothe nerves far away from everyday hustle and bustle.

Accommodation – rooms
"Zdroj Wojciech" offers 36 high-standard beds in single, twin and 3-bed rooms and apartments. The rooms are adapted to the needs of the disabled and allergy sufferers. Other conveniences include TV, Internet access, buffet-style breakfasts and, most importantly, free access to the thermal swimming pool.

Zdroj Wojciech Sanatorium Zdroj Wojciech Sanatorium
Zdroj Wojciech Sanatorium Zdroj Wojciech Sanatorium
Zdroj Wojciech Sanatorium Zdroj Wojciech Sanatorium
Zdroj Wojciech Sanatorium Zdroj Wojciech Sanatorium

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