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Zdroj Wojciech Sanatorium Zdroj Wojciech is a facility built in 1680 in the immediate proximity of a hot spring of mineral water still active today. The sanatorium boasts a combination of original architecture, tasteful style and elegant interior design. The beautiful, original body of the building, modelled after Turkish baths, is a source of unforgettable aesthetic impressions... read more


Jozef Hospital Jozef is a sanatorium, erected in 1900, which in the past offered its services only to military officers. After undergoing modernisation and raising accommodation standards, the health resort was adapted to the needs of disabled people... read more


Jan Sanatorium Jan, erected in 1880 near the Biala Ladecka river, was formerly an imperial inn. The facility offers an enclosed, private area with recreational grounds and a parking lot. After undergoing a thorough modernisation... read more


Jubilat Hospital and Sanatorium Jubilat is an impressive, 4-storey building offering 238 high standard and standard beds mostly in twin rooms, studios and apartments with separate bedrooms and kitchen annexes. The building has a canteen and a café with a pool table... read more


Adam Natural Therapy Institute Adam is a treatment facility erected in 1900 with the cosiest accommodation, as it includes only 7 beds in apartments and guest rooms. Adam is first and foremost a Natural Therapy Institute... read more


Urszula Sanatorium Urszula the main advantage of this place is its cosy location in the immediate proximity of the spa park, above the Adam facility. The building has 53 beds in single, twin and 3-bed rooms with baths. The building includes... read more


Stanislaw Hospital Stanislaw a sanatorium in which early post-hospital rehabilitation is conducted. The building offers 64 beds in single, twin and 3-bed rooms, part of which is equipped with... read more


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